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Falbygden has a lot to offer tourists. We are rich of places to visit.

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Places to visit

At the spring the cranes come to Bjurum and Hornborgasjön on theirs way from Spain up to theirs breeding places in Sweden, Finland and Russia. Here they eat corn and the couples dance at the Naturum Cranedance.

Hornborgarsjön is restored to the biggest birdlake in north Europe and is a national park. People all over the world come on spring to watch the dance as it's the only place you can come so close to the birds. About 100.000 persons use to come every year. In the winter you can watch when the white-tailed eagle and golden eagle are fed with pigs at the Naturum Trandansen.

In Åsarp you find Ekehagens old age village - a journey through past centuries, see how our ancestors probably once lived in Prehistoric time.
THE OLD (Hunter-gatherers) STONE AGE - 12000 - 6000 years ago.
The huts in Ekehagen are mainly reconstructed from findings in Ulkestrup, Denmark. There they were built 8.000 years ago.
THE NEW (Farmer) STONE AGE  -  4000 - 1800 BC.
THE BRONZE AGE  -  1800 - 500 BC.
THE IRON AGE  -  500 BC  -  1000 AD

In Åsle parish the only Tå (Åsle Tå) in Sweden is left with the orginal houses. A Tå was the place the people lived in the old days who didn't had a place of theirs own. They maked dagsverken at the parish farms, was shoemaker, blacksmith and found out others ways to make theirs living, they were all poor. Small cottages with one or two rooms, they also took theirs hens inside.

To and back from Åsle you drive on the way over the moss, there a battle took place 1389 (see more under history). After Åsle you take the way over Karleby. Here you find the North Europes oldest road with the farms on one side and the Stone Age graves on the other side. At one grave they built the Karleby church.

You take the road up to Ålleberg. At the base of the mountain you find a pathway to the top. You pass the place there the gold neckless Ållebergskrage where found. At the top you stand on Ålleberg's Änne and You have a wonderful view.

At Ålleberg you find Sweden's only glider museum. The collection includes for example the oldest flying Tiger Moth in the world and the glider "Weihen", which won the world championship in 1948 and 1950. At the foot of the mountain you find "Hokällan". Always cold and fresh water, good to drink.

In Stenstorp you can find three museums. A schoolmuseum, a show with Swedish tapestry and the Dalénmuseum over the inventor Gustaf Dahlén who was born in Skräddaregården, Stenstorp (1869-1937). He become blind after a experiment but continued to invent. He invented a light for lighthouses so they didn't needed to be manned, this was sold over the world. After he become blind he invented the AGA cooker, which today are made in Great Britain. As you already have guessed he was the founder of the Gascompany AGA. In August of 1999 the company was bought by the German company Linde.

At Falbygdens Osteria you can taste different cheeses and also buy other things like books, china, Santa Claus etc. The most visited tourist place in Falköping.

The nature at Falbyden is wonderful. The views from the mountains Ålleberg and Mösseberg over the town and the area around. You can find a restarant on each mountain and sit and eat at the edge.

At the mountains you will see the most beatiful flora on fields of heather. Vråhålan a place up on Mösseberg with wall of rocks and here you have a nice view over Marka parish and You hear Your own echo. The view is painted by the famous painter Harald Wiberg in a painting with the Swedish tomte.

At Mösseberg you can sport. At summer you can jog at several exercise-tracks, at the winter you can cross skii or take the slalomskiis.

As Sweden have the allemansrätt, you can make your own daytrips on the mountains and in the nature all over. Pick mushrooms, lingonberries and blueberries. You find several ramble-routes and footpath to choose among here around. At Mösseberg & Ålleberg, Brunnhemsleden, Faledreven in Segerstad and Hornborga lake.

Allemansrätten - The Right of Public Access allows you to enjoy the fragrance of flowers, the singing birds, the flower-covered meadows and the peaceful silence of the forest. But! You are required to show care and consideration towards other people, animals, plants and wildlife YOU MUST NOT DISTURB OR DESTROY.


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