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For You who will visit Sweden and Falköping for a reason has a lot to look and make. A warning, just a day or two isn't enough. If You also visit relatives it take much longer time then You think.

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Here are some facts:

Falbygden is a farming land. A lot of small farms all over. But not so many as it used to be as the farmers has to compete with the rest of the worlds farmers and specially those in EU's other countries, specially Denmark and Ireland. A lot of farmers wifes work outside the farm. The milkcow is the most common animals around here, around 12 000 cows.

Falköping is the third highest located town over the sea in Sweden as the town is on the plateu and on the hillside of the mountain Mösseberg.


Here is the volleyboll center of Sweden. At the Ålleberg Gymnasium (high school) it's a class of each for boys and girls with Volleyboll students (RIG). Yearly international matches take place here.

Falköping is also a center of glidings in Sweden. Falköping has a long history in that. At the plateu of Ålleberg is the Royal Gliding school which have summerclasses for glider teachers and gliders from all the Scandinanavian countries are brought here to be repaired. At winter the center is on the Falköping's airport and the gliding classes at the Gymnasium.

Companies and factories

Here a lot of juwelry in Sweden are made. You can find several small business and factories in the town. The biggest is Alton which has make a serie of juwelry with Pernilla Wiberg - Olympic Gold winner in Giant slalom. You also find a Gymnasium in juwelry here in town.

Volvo has a factory in the town Floby. There they make brake discs for Volvo cars.

In the town Kinnarp you find KINNARPS. They making furnitures for offices. They are marketing leader in Scandinavia. The market for them is in Europe. Big byers are picked up with the Kinnarp's own airplane all over Europe so they can see the factory here over the day.

Arkivator (subsidiary of LEAX group) is a precision-tool workshop and works for several companies. Among the work they do are parts to the Hasselblad camera and to the car industri.

Bringwell a big manufactor of health food. They sell their products to whole Scandinavia. You find theirs products in grocers, health food stores, pharmacies and drugstores.

Farmer markets

You can buy food organic and produced in the area of Falköping. Several producers are found in the area. In summer in July, August and September the Malta-Johanna market take place in the centrum of the town Falköping. At the Falköping Saluhall you find local products all the year.


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